Welcome to Barts and the London Academic Research Society (BARS)!

BARS is a student-led society committed to raise awareness and promote research opportunities. As part of that, we aim to proactively engages the student body, provide the fundamental skills and knowledge required for research, and bridge the gap between medical and dental students and physician-scientists for a simpler and more equal access to research at medical school.

We are currently working on a comprehensive lecture series that will feature different aspects of academic research including Study Design and Methodology, Statistical Analysis and Processing, The Publishing Process and The Auditing Cycle.

BARS also aims to generate our very own BARS Research Exchange, a platform that will feature research projects from physicians and scientist of the nearby Trusts and Institutes for a better access to research.

Additionally, we provide support for various research-related academic tasks set by Barts and The London in the form of lectures and workshops.

BARS are affiliated with the National Student Association of Medical Research (NSAMR) (http://www.nsamr.org), a national student-led organisation that aims to encourage and support students in pursuit of a career in academic medicine.
In 2016, BARS was awarded ‘Most Improved Society 2015-2016’ at The Association Dinner.

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COmmittee 2018/19

Co-Presidents: Pieter Jan Eyskens & Christoph Schmidt

Vice-President: Marios Nicolaides

Treasurer: Emilia Bober

Publicity Officer: Michal Grela

Academic Officer: Cecile Pinel

Critical Appraisal Officer: Katie Ralli