We have been working hard over summer and we are excited to announce that the Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine Society (PHEMS) and the Emergency Medicine Society (BLEMS) have merged in order to unify our content and give our members the best chance to experience all aspects of Emergency Medicine.

The new society is Barts and the London Pre Hospital and Emergency Medicine Society (BL-PEMS) and we have merged our social media pages to reflect this. Please make sure you are up to date with liking our twitter and Instagram accounts (and of course this Facebook page)!

Our aim this year is to make Emergency Medicine as accessible as possible, and with BL-PEMS, this year we will bring you:

  • The Neonatal Transfer Service

  • The Emergency Medicine Studentship

  • Save a Baby’s life course

  • First Aid at Wembley Stadium

  • The Pre-Hospital Medicine Weekend

    And much much more (we just can’t tell you about it yet)!!

We will also be teaming up with our friends within other societies to bring you exciting workshops and courses.

Subs are just £5 so make sure you sign up to access all of these exciting events!

COmmittee 2018/19

Amy Easthope - President

Sruthi Vydyula - VP Pre Hospital

Pieter Jan Eyskens - VP Emergency Medicine

Joshua Jelley - Treasurer

Mithilaa Senthivel - Secretary and Save A Baby’s Life Co-Ordinator

Mathew Robathan - Social Secretary and Media Officer

Sophie Thornton - Neonatal Transfer Service Co-Ordinator

Nadine Schottler - Studentship Co-Ordinator

Becky Nielsen - Studentship Officer

Hamzah Mansoor - Studentship Officer

Katherine Nunn - Events Officer

James Wong - Events Officer