British Society of Gastroenterology come to Whitechapel

The Wingate Institute (Gastroenterology unit at the Blizard Institute, QMUL) will be hosting a course for doctors, dieticians and nurses from all over the world from 17th April - 18th April 2019. 

We require medical students (ideally in their clinical years) to act as patients (only for history taking - no removal of clothes or anything of that sort) for one hour from 2 - 3 PM on Thursday 18th April. The event will be held in the Clark Kennedy LT, Whitechapel. 

All volunteers will be offered free food / drink etc and can attend the the conference for free on both days (normally £200). This a great opportunity to practise communications skills before the OSCE examinations (doctors will be asked to explain difficult concepts to patients). This is also a fantastic opportunity to meet an international panel of experts in gastroenterology. For more details on the course (incl. course programme) please see

Please e-mail if you would like to be a volunteer. Very best wishes. 

BLSA Mental Health Awareness Fortnight Call for Submissions

It’s BLSA’s Mental Health Awareness Fortnight 1st-12th April. We plan to raise awareness of Mental Health problems and tackle the stigma of Mental illness among us. 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem every year in the UK with the figure among Healthcare professionals and Medical/Dental Students thought to be higher. BLSA Welfare are calling for stories from Students/alumni/staff about how they have coped with their Mental Health difficulties. These stories will be published anonymously on the BLSA Website. We hope that by sharing these stories, the conversation around Mental health problems will start, helping to diminish the stigma. If you would like to submit your story, please email it to with your course of study. Your Welfare Representative will acknowledge receipt of the email and delete the original message maintaining confidentiality, assuming that there is no worry that you are of immediate harm to yourself and/or others. We look forward to hearing from you

Recruitment for Project

Contact if interested.

Medical Students needed to take part in my project looking at how failure in medical education affects students. This study is being done to give students the chance to communicate their stories of struggles from their viewpoint. I believe it is important to help normalise and to reduce the stigma around failure at medical school.

The students who want to take part will be invited to an informal interview which will last for 30 - 45 mins. The interview will be conducted by myself. Please be aware this study is focusing on failure in medical education and not patient care. Prior to the interview, participants will be asked to produce a timeline mapping out failures in education they have experienced. All personal information from the interview transcript and timeline will be removed and all recording destroyed.  

If you feel you that you have a story of failure in medical education that you would like to share, please participate in this study. Interview will most likely happen between 25-29th March. The deadline for responses is the  27th March. 

If this topic has affected you in any way please contact support that is available.

Student Support Office:

Room 2.46, Garrod Building

QM Advice and Counselling Service: +44 (0)20 7882 8717

Patient-as-Teacher symposium

Patient-as-Teacher Symposium: “Acanthamoeba keratitis Wednesday 3rd April 2019Lecture Theatre, 2nd floor, 15 Ebenezer Street, London N17NP. Learn from a multiple awarded campaigner how people rise in the face of adversity. Be inspired! For all medical students: Attend, get a certificate and score a point on your application if you apply for ophthalmology! Enter our competition for a £50 prize and prize certificate. If you would like to attend please email or sign up via Insight.

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Summer School Tutoring Opportunities

The London Scholastica Academy is a summer school for bright 12-18 year olds from around the world. We are looking for part-time Tutors for our summer programme to inspire our students to explore a subject, discover a career, and prepare for a fulfilling future professional and personal life, in which they make a social impact. Join our fun and friendly team of tutors, and get excellent development opportunities and remuneration (£30/hr). Apply if you could teach any of the following: Enterprise (Economics/Management/Business) International Relations & Leadership Medicine | Psychology. Learn more about the role, our mission & impact, and apply at or contact Susanna at for more information. Deadline: Thursday 21st March 2019. (We are also recruiting for our Oxford campus. Learn more here).