Demystifying Women’s Health: What University Doesn’t Teach You

Interested in improving women's health within ever-changing 21st century healthcare? Feel like you read about topics in the news you know nothing about? Realised your training has missed some essential topics? Then join UEA OBGYN Society in collaboration with UEA MidSoc for an exciting and informative day demystifying women's+ health!

OPEN to all healthcare professionals and students regardless of career stage or year group, we will be covering important topics which we get very little exposure to in our training. The day's subjects and events will include:
+ Maternal mental health
+ Domestic abuse
+ Psychosexual medicine
+ Careers advice
+ Presentation of research posters
+ Others to be announced!

'Demystifying Women's+ Health: What University Doesn't Teach You' will be held on the 19th January 2019 in the Julian Study Centre at the University of East Anglia, with LUNCH AND REFRESHMENTS provided

Ticket prices: 
+ £10 for non-members
+ £7 for members [of UEA OBGYN Society]

Tickets on sale NOW at:

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