The Missing Med School Lectures

WED 26 JUNE 2019, 9.30AM- 4.30PM Queen Mary University London is hosting a free conference (lunch provided) at the Derek Willoughby Theatre, Charterhouse Square, EC1M 6BQ. There is an increasing evidence base of the benefits of plant based eating for CVD, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and more. Equally, animal agriculture is seen as the biggest ‘elephant in the room’ at most global depletion network meetings worldwide, as the evidence of impact is now undeniable. Finally, as we evolve as a species, our responsibilities in the treatment of other species as a means to human ends is ever more questioned.

This exciting free conference looks at health, social justice and environmental issues around animal use. QMUL cordially invites you to join this intelligent and lively debate, providing an opportunity to pose questions you always wanted answered to our very distinguished panel of Lawyers, Medics, Ecologists and Nutritionists.

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