British Society of Gastroenterology come to Whitechapel

The Wingate Institute (Gastroenterology unit at the Blizard Institute, QMUL) will be hosting a course for doctors, dieticians and nurses from all over the world from 17th April - 18th April 2019. 

We require medical students (ideally in their clinical years) to act as patients (only for history taking - no removal of clothes or anything of that sort) for one hour from 2 - 3 PM on Thursday 18th April. The event will be held in the Clark Kennedy LT, Whitechapel. 

All volunteers will be offered free food / drink etc and can attend the the conference for free on both days (normally £200). This a great opportunity to practise communications skills before the OSCE examinations (doctors will be asked to explain difficult concepts to patients). This is also a fantastic opportunity to meet an international panel of experts in gastroenterology. For more details on the course (incl. course programme) please see

Please e-mail if you would like to be a volunteer. Very best wishes.