Healthy Starts Healthy Hearts AGM

Healthy Starts Healthy Hearts committee warmly invite you all to apply for a position in next year's committee at our AGM on Tuesday the 9th of April, 5.30 - 6.30pm, in the BLSA Study Room. This is an excellent opportunity to make a difference and to be an integral part of the university's volunteering committee. We encourage as many people to apply as possible, especially current first years and second years, so please come if you are interested!

The following posts are available:

President (1) 

Treasurer (1) 

Vice President (1) 

Pre-clinical representative (1)

You do not need to have attended a school visit to apply.

All elected candidates will be asked to stay behind for handover from this year's committee. 

Please email in a short manifesto by next Tuesday at 3pm to