Student Group Survey

Part of a Society, Sports Club, Volunteering Group, Student Media Outlet or RAG? Then this survey is for you! This is your opportunity to give your feedback on your experience of being part of a student group and the support you have received from the SU. And Most importantly there are CASH PRIZES TO BE WON! Complete survey using the link above.

Members and Committees – tell us about your experience this year

We wouldn’t be the Students’ Union if we didn’t ask you for feedback. Before you think “Oh no, not another survey!” we hope you’ll take a moment to read the rest of this post and give us the chance to convince you to take part.

If you don’t need any convincing, why not get started on the survey already? Click here

If you need a bit more convincing before you do the survey, here are a few reason why you give us your feedback:

We're giving away prizes

You can win prizes for yourself and your group - there are big prizes and small prizes.

One lucky student will win £50 to be spent on whatever they like.There’ll also be a lucky group (that could be YOUR group) that wins £50 to make their end-of-year event extra memorable or buy that really essential piece of equipment they’ve been longing for all year. All you need to do is share the survey with your members and tag us in your social media post or send us over an e-mail to show what you have done. But what about all those people that don’t win the big prizes? To increase your chances of winning, we have added lots of small prizes this year, and we’ll draw winners several times over the next few weeks, so the sooner you do the survey, the bigger your chances are of winning.

What do society drop-ins, increased staff presence at BL and the Student Media Correspondence Dinner have in common? They’re all the result of your feedback from last year. Yes, your feedback matters. Yes, we will make changes based on your suggestions. But we can’t do it, if you don’t tell us about it.

We all love to procrastinate. At least we do… And what better way to procrastinate than filling in the survey? You may be procrastinating and avoiding the thing you really should be doing, but at least you’re doing something genuinely useful. Fill in the survey now (yes, it works on mobiles too).

Still not convinced?

You’re hard to convince, but try to think about it this way:

If you’ve had a great experience, this is your chance to tell us about it. If you or someone else has put a lot of time and effort into your groups activities, you kind of want to tell the Students’ Union just how great it’s been. And this survey is a way of doing it.

If you haven’t had such a great experience, we’re really sorry. But if you don’t tell us, we’ll never know about it. So tell us now, so we can make improvements for next year.

So fill in the survey, win prizes and help us to make change.