Apply to be a QMSU Volunteering Champion

Do you have a passion for volunteering? Would you like to enthuse others about it too? Then apply to be a Volunteering Champion today! As a Champion, you’ll lead groups of students for events such as cooking breakfast for the homeless, at water stations on runs, clearing up the local area and many more. 


Becoming a Volunteering Champion will help you develop your leadership, communication, time management and problem solving skills. You’ll also get access to Skills Award training which will help you to articulate those invaluable skills to employers. 


You’re expected to lead on at least 2 opportunities per semester, assist at volunteering fairs and any other events required of you. In return, you’ll get Volunteering Champion hoodies, thank you events, socials and be invited to attend our Volunteering Awards. You’ll also qualify for our volunteering hours awards certificates.