Club Sport Committee Nominations Now Open!

Nominations for the 2019/20 Club Sport Committee are now open!

 The Club Sport Committee is a group of elected representatives from SU Sports Clubs that help steer the direction of Club Sport. The CSC is made up of the two Sports Officers (BL and QM), and four each of BL and QM representatives.


The CSC oversee:

·      Grant funding and CSDP allocations

·      Affiliations of new QMSU Sports Clubs

·      Merger Cup Organisation and Campaign

·      Fund applications (CSDF and BLSF)

·      Any other issues pertaining to Club Sport


The CSC are also responsible for gathering feedback from BL Sports Club Presidents and relaying this to the BL Sports Officer.


CSC is a great introduction to the inner workings of Club Sport for those who wish to progress to leadership positions within their club or within BLSA in the future. Equally, it is also a very rewarding position for those stepping down from higher positions, who want to continue to help shape the future of Club Sport.


Essential requirements of the role are that you are committed to the position, ensuring that you arrange your schedule in order to attend all meetings. It is also essential to be thoroughly dedicated to, and passionate about BL Sport.


To run for CSC you must be a full subs-paying member of a BL Sports Club. Nominations will be reviewed by the relevant Club President to ensure you are indeed a member of their club. You may only run for one BL Club. Whilst there is no limit to the number of nominees that run from a certain club, only one can be elected onto the CSC. This is both to maximise representation across all BL Clubs, and minimise conflicts of interest in funding allocations.


Each club must have at least 2 members (including at least 1 principal officer) in attendance at the AGM in order to vote. The election will be conducted by Single Transferrable Voting, with each club getting 1 vote. More details on voting will be sent to Club Presidents.


Nominees will have up to a minute to speak at the AGM before voting takes place. If you are unable to attend AGM, you may nominate someone to read a speech out for you. More information will be emailed to nominees closer to the time. Nominations close on Thursday 16th May at 5pm.


Meeting requirements:

·      CSC Handover: 5-6pm 11th June, before the Big Hello

·      CSC Meetings: 6 Thursdays between October – March

·      Club Sport Development Fund panels: 3-4 meetings (likely Thursdays) between October – May

·      BL Sports Fund panels: 3 meetings between September – June

·      BL Sports Presidents meetings: 4 meetings September – March

Any questions feel free to contact the current BL Sports Officer, Bridget Cullinan, at, the incoming BL Sports Officer, Alice Jones, at, or any of the other current BL CSC members (Ciara O’Connell, Matt Holder, Esmee Engels).