Proposed New Contract Deal for Junior Doctors

Statement from BMA JDC Chair Jeeves Wijesuriya:

“As you can see we have secured significant additional investment and enhancements to pay, conditions & training opportunities with a new £90 million investment over the next four years.

The deal includes:

-Increases to weekend & disco shift pay

-£1,000 a year more for less than full time trainees

-A fifth nodal point on the payscale at ST6

-'Section 2' transitional pay protection extended to 2025

-Improved GP trainee mileage & confirmed supernumerary status

-Improvements in rest and safety entitlements, with no more pay-to-stay when too tired to drive

-Contractualised NROC/LTFT rostering guidance

-Exception reporting for all ARCP/portfolio requirements

-Guaranteed annual pay uplift of 2 per cent each year for the next four years.

The BMA Junior Doctors Committee have endorsed these improvements.

A YES vote in the referendum that opens on 14 June would secure these changes. A NO vote means we would stay on the imposed 2016 contract as it is and remain in dispute.

Junior doctors BMA members or final/penultimate year students in England will get to vote & will receive an email inviting them to take part.

For all the full details and the framework agreement please follow the link below. We've tweeted the details also.