BL Christian Union is a group of students studying medicine, dentistry and other life scientists at Bart’s and the London.

We meet up on a weekly basis to get to know one another and encourage each other with Bible Study, prayer and fellowship. We also have a monthly prayer breakfast where we meet to pray and have food together.

Every month, we also meet at the house of a married alumni couple who are Bart’s graduates, where guest speakers speak on issues relevant to medicine and dentistry. In addition, to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ, we hold talks and lunch bars on university premises for the whole student population. 

Whether you are a Christian or are simply interested in thinking about these issues from a different viewpoint, you are most welcome!

BLCU CMF Group Photo - Christian Union.jpg

COmmittee 2018/19

President: Daniel Nie

Vice-President: Jeshua Amalesh

Treasurer: Gideon Adegboyega