The Dental Society is a student-run organisation working to represent students at the Dental Scool at Barts and The London. The Dental Society committee is elected by the student body to represent our Dental School and its students. By working alongside the staff, we strive to improve the dental teaching and maintain the smooth running of our school. 

We also communicate with all other UK dental schools; discussing with them ways of improving the dental profession as a whole, and provide a voice for the opinions of dental students across the country. We also have strong links with international organisations: EDSA (European Dental Student Association) and IADS (International Association of Dental Students). 

As well as being concerned with the academic and professional aspects of the Dental School, we organise and host many successful social events during the year. These are open to dental students, hygienists & therapists, nurses, all staff members and our medical student peers too. We strive hard to keep the spirit of a unifying family - which Barts and The London is renowned for- alive and also to invite rganisations such as yours to join our community and help us do more for our students. 

COmmittee 2017/18


Vice President

Vice President

General Secretary

Social Sec

Social Sec

Charities Officer

Second Year Rep

DCP2 Rep

BDA Senior Rep

Final Year Rep

Third Year Rep

Video and Marketing Manager

(1) Newsletter Editor

(2) Electives Rep

(3) Social Sec

(4) BDA Junior Rep

(5) Mentoring and Education Rep

(6) Fourth Year Rep

(7) External Affairs Officer

(8) Media and Publicity Officer

(9) Final Year Rep