The blsa mentoring scheme is a brand new scheme in addition to the existing Mummies & Daddies Scheme which aims to provide pastoral and peer support to those students that require it. We plan to extend this Scheme to INCLUDE students on many different courses AND YEAR GROUPS.

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Finalist Mentoring Scheme

Our brand new Finalist Mentoring Scheme will provide an opportunity for Final Year Medics to receive a recent Barts and The London Graduate as their Mentor. Mentors will be able to provide advice on what it is like to be a Final Year Medical Student at BL and answer any questions about FPAS, SJT and everything else that comes with being a Finalist!

If you would like to be involved in this scheme either as a Mentee or as a Mentor, please sign up via the links below. In order to make the scheme as useful as possible, we will aim to match Mentors and Mentees by Deanery’s you would like to work in and whether or not you are interested in the Academic Foundation Programme (AFP).

First Year Medical Students in London

This part of the Mentoring Scheme will pair First Year Medical Students with an older medical student mentor who will help support you during your first year of university. The purpose of this scheme is to provide Pastoral Peer Support & not academic support, for example your mentor may meet with you regularly to chat about how things are going and perhaps offer advice based on their experience but their purpose as a mentor is not to teach you or run revision sessions.

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Second Year Medical Students in Malta

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This part of the Scheme will provide support for 2nd Year Gozo Medical Students by pairing them with 3rd Year London Medical Students. You will be assigned 4 mentees which you will share with another mentor and provide mentoring together. Out of those 4 mentees, 2 will be assigned to you personally in order to allow more personal one to one support when needed.

Certificate of Clinical Foundation Studies Students

This part of the BLSA Mentoring Scheme will pair senior Medical and Dental Students with the Certificate of Clinical Foundation Studies (CCFS) Students who are studying a one year foundation course before moving on to study Medicine or Dentistry at Barts and The London.