Barts and the London Neuroscience Society (in short, NeuroSoc) was created in 2009, encompassing neuroscience, neurology and neurosurgery. Our society organises events suited for both non-medical and medical students. NeuroSoc aims to encourage and inspire students who find the field of neuroscience interesting The society is open to students of all subjects.

We try to combine neuroscience with fun and more laid-back atmosphere and organise 'Pints of Neuro',when we meet in a quaint pub in East London and listen to inspiring talks. At times we also host more specialist events, such as teaching workshops, as well as one-day symposiums where students of all disciplines can present their research and attend talks from neuroscientists and neurologists. This year we’re particularly interested in combining clinical and research as well as looking into new innovations and career paths in this fast growing field.

NeuroSoc is also a part of London Students' Neuroscience Network, this is a newly established network that brings together students across London universities interested in neuroscience and related sciences. We will also be collaborating with NeuroSense and other universities in London to share this multidisciplinary interest. If you want to keep in touch with us follow us on twitter, Instagram, and contact us through email and our Facebook page.

Subs are £6 and you get to attend all of our workshops and talks for free + lots of other benefits.

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COmmittee 2018/19

Co-Presidents: Nadia Howard & Dorna Zarei

VP Clinical: Moghees Hanif

VP BSc: Iulia Nita

Treasurer: Qao Minn Lee

Secretary: Helen Li

Events Officer: Sameer Alam

Academic Officer: Elias Badin

Symposium Lead: Jungwoo Kang

Neurosurgery Representative: Guru Amirthalingam & Gideon Adegboyega

Pre-clinical Representative: Ashvin Kuri

LSNN Representative: Timothy Loong

Publicity: Sidharthan Ilangovan

General helper: Nikolaos Monios