Obstetrics is the medical field of pregnancy, maternal health, and childbirth, and Gynaecology is the medical field of the female reproductive system. Our society has three main aims:

- To hold regular Obstetrics and Gynaecology related events, such as academic talks and workshops, that are educational, inspirational, and enrich the student experience of our members.

- To organise and provide opportunities for our members to network, volunteer, and gain experience with relevant women’s health organisations.

- To raise awareness of topical issues within women’s health, and support relevant charities that work to improve the wellbeing of women.

Our subs for the year are only £2 and are available for purchase on our QMSU page here: https://www.qmsu.org/groups/obstetricsandgynae/ 

COmmittee 2018/19

President - Jack Juckes

Vice President - Sabrina De Freitas

Treasurer - Olivia Thornett

Secretary - Ryanna Bart

Charity Coordinator - Jess Brown

Clinical Rep - Xinting Liu

Preclinical Rep - Elisa Dalle Piagge