Hey all, and congratulations to all of you who have succeeded at getting into Barts and The London for this year! We're Laurence & Tilly, your BLSA Entertainments Officers who are involved in helping plan our your Freshers Fortnight (if a Freshers Week wasn't long enough for you!)

If you're on the Graduate Entry Programme (GEP) the first 3 events, Gepping to Know You, GEP Curry and Geppy from the Block are a great way to meet other GEPs! For everyone else, we look forward to seeing you on Saturday 15th of September during Move-In Day, Commuter Networking and of course, Mummies & Daddies!

Below you can see the huge number of Freshers events that we've got planned for you, and there's also a whole host more events being run by QMSU down the road as well, which you can find on the link above.

With regards to the London-wide freshers passes that some of you have been talking about, we recommend that you don't commit to those. Often they've been reported to be a bit of a rip off, and by and large the best way to meet the people at University on your course is at the BL and QM run events, which these other passes won't give you access to. For the external events that you do decide to go to during the two weeks, you'll be able to decide with all your new friends once you start freshers, as these events very rarely sell out.

You can buy tickets to all our events on the door and there is a Freshers Pass that gives you entry to most of these events at a discount if you're planning on living your best life!

We're very happy to answer any questions you have about Freshers Fortnight or anything else you might be wondering so feel free to email us at

All the best, and looking forward to meeting you all next month!
Laurence & Tilly