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Room Bookings

All room bookings must go through the Students' Union regardless of which room you want to book. The President or Treasurer of the society must authorise the room booking for you.

Minimum Notices

University Room: 10 working days

Students' Union Room: 5 working days

THe Griff Inn: see 'other bookings'

This is the minimum amount of notice you need to give. The earlier you get your booking in, the more likely you will get the room!

For university room bookings, if the date of your booking needs to be changed, you must cancel your booking and submit another online form. No changes to dates will be authorised via email or in person at the Reception desk.

From Monday 30th January 2017, we will be trialling a ten working day (2 weeks) notice period for external speakers. All university room bookings will now take a minimum of two weeks to process. For more information, please click here.

Other Bookings

THe Griff Inn


Do not directly contact the venues for bookings - please follow the below procedure

Please check availability of Drapers or the Griff Inn at The Hub Reception or BLSA Reception before filling in the below form.

If your event in the venue incurs cost - this will go to the Societies Coordinator to ensure you have the money available in your subs and grants account before approval of the requested date.

Once all the above has been cleared this will be sent to Drapers or Griff Inn for booking.

Please email all forms to

external speakers


Societies often invite individuals to speak, participate or run activities for their members on campus. To ensure that the safety of all students is upheld, every external speaker must be declared to the Students' Union in the form of an External Speaker Form.

All events with an external speaker must be submitted at least 10 working days before the event but if you believe your speaker is high-risk, please allow as much time as possible.

An External Speaker is anyone not associated with Queen Mary University of London (including the Barts Health Trust) therefore QMUL students and staff do not need to be submitted via this method.

Once the Students' Union has approved your External Speaker, the University will vet the speaker to ensure that there are no further security or safety measures needed.

Laird Hall


The Laird Hall booking form should only be filled out by student groups that wish to book the space for a show, comedy night, cultural showcase or charity raising event. For any other event in Laird Hall, the normal University Room Booking form above should be used to book Laird Hall.

Please fill out the form carefully ensuring that you read all of the policies surrounding booking Laird Hall.

Before your booking can be processed, you need to ensure that you have done the following:

  • Checked you have enough money for Stewarding and Cleaning (costs and further information can be found here).

  • Submitted a risk assessment and budget case for your event to the relevant coordinator (e.g Societies or Sports)

  • Applied and submitted a TEN form to reception if you are selling alcohol at your event. You will also need to review your alcohol prices with your relevant coordinator. You can apply for a TEN here.

Please find the Laird Hall booking form here.


BLSA Logos

These logos are available to use for Barts and The London Student Groups on materials such as posters and guides. If you have any queries about logo use, please email