Griff Goes Global: The Buzz in Global Health

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On the chilly night of 6th November 2018, Students for Global Health BL retreated to the warmth of the Griff to host our first Griff Goes Global event! This a recurring event where students meet at the Griff to debate the latest topics in global health. The theme of our first event was: THE BUZZ IN GLOBAL HEALTH!

GGG#1 was led by our fearless Education Officers, Madeleine Bell and Hana Mahmood, as well as our ever-wonderful VP Elisa Dalle Piagge! The fabulous Numa, Treasurer extraordinaire, brought muchos snackos and Pres Katie very much appreciated the dips and chips (that’s right, FREE FOOD!).

How does GGG work? Everyone is grouped on to different tables, and each table has a debate topic. Epic battles are waged as people passionately debate their opinions, then the debate topics are rotated, and the battles begin again. From the logical reasoners, the quiet head-shakers, the loud arguers and the devil’s advocates, we had an amazing time debating the most important health issues that are currently affecting our world.

We are so excited about GGG and we hope that it will become one of our most successful events! Check out our FB and instagram to find out when the next Griff Goes Global event is on!

Much love,

SfGH-BL Committee


Written by Katie Burns

1st Team vs GKT

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Yesterday marked the first UH derby for the 1st XV, played away against GKT. The sun was shining and Honor Oak Park was in its best condition in years.

Kicking off first with the sun on their backs, Barts sent it deep into the oppositions 22. GKTs intensity started high and whilst all the rugby was played in GKTs half their strong line out combined with lack of discipline from the boys in black and white resulted in two punishing 3-pointers in quick succession.

Barts returned to their camping position in GKTs half, and with GKT unable to handle the intimidating Barts scrum an in form David Bull was able to bring the score level at 6-6.

The hard running 15 Rory Hammond saw his fun ended by a rolled ankle, resulting in Barts’ only backs replacement coming off the bench. Fingers were crossed for no more injuries.

The possession and territory advantage Barts were able to maintain, but under the watchful eye of a ref of 22 years experience GKT were able to squander Barts’ point scoring opportunities for a hard fought 10 minutes. A slightly frustrated Barts was then able to convert their territory into points with a patient run of phases which saw winger Sam Wigens demonstrating his finishing ability in the corner for his 4th try in 2 games.

A rare miss from the touch line for Dave Bull, 11-6 to Barts at half time.

The second half points scoring was started off with a pass going to ground in the Barts centres around the half way line. This clever move had its desired effect of disorganising the GKT defence, allowing fresh out of school outside centre Anthony Stratford to slice through for a strong 25 yards, before needing the backup of fellow fresher Teni Adeola. A fantastic pick up from his shins immediately followed by an instinctive hand off shot him through the 22. The ever present Sam Robinson received the offload to score an aesthetic and well deserved try under the posts. 18-6 to Barts.

In classic Barts fashion, niggles worsened and an injury crisis ensued. With no backs subs left a reorganisation resulted in our fly half playing at 9 before being stricken with cramp. Our 13 went to 9, our 7 went to 11, our 6 went to 10, our 8 went to 12, our 1 went to 8, and the human wrecking ball Caleb came on at 1 for 15 minutes of his signature emphatic boshes and shoulder charges (no card given).

With 12 forwards on the pitch and a number of firsts position-wise, the boys on the sideline were praying for the boys to kill some time for the remaining 15 minutes. GKT came back strong and put some points on the board but their enthusiasm was short lived. Realising the best defence is a good offence, the makeshift back line turned on the afterburners and demonstrated some fantastic individual skill to run another 3 tries past the GKT medics and physios.

The full time whistle couldn’t come soon enough for the boys in yellow and green, stopping Barts just short of the half century at 48-21.

A great game to watch and a well deserved win. Special mention to Theo Clarkke for his debut start and being solid for all 80 mins, Sam Wigins for his 5th try in 2 games, and Fresher George Nichols with a big impact on his debut off the bench. Man of the match is impossible to pick - Sam Robinson and freshers Teni Adeola and Luke Williams were absolute workhorses and fantastic throughout.

A great day and a great night. Well done all involved and here’s to more days like yesterday.

Written by Jasper Evans, 1st Team Vice-Captain

SfGH Pan-London Pub Quiz

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On the 19th of October members of SfGH-BL made the monumental trek from the realms of the East End to the UCL campus. We were destined for the Pan London Global Health Quiz night. Unfortunately, we realised we did not know where we were going until we started out on our journey, so arrived in Barts time.

Upon arrival, we quickly established that ‘pub quiz’ wasn’t the most apt name for this event. Instead of a small cosy London pub (think The Leaky Cauldron from Harry Potter), it was in an equally as charming rec room in the UCL student hub.

The competition was tough; there was a variety of teams representing the different London unis, such as Imperial, UCL, Kings and The Royal Veterinary College. Arguably (arguably not) you could have cut the tension in the room with a knife as all teams waited with baited breath for the first round of questions.

The first round of the quiz was Global Health. ‘Never fall at the first hurdle’ became our mantra as Barts (questionably) guessed half of the questions in the first round. Despite our President Katie Burns preparing the quiz she was no help; nothing could get her to break and give us any hints as to the answers. Neither money nor food could break her. We were well and truly in the desert alone.

This first round was one of the tougher rounds for Barts, but this was the same for most of the teams present. Despite a wobbly start Barts came out with a total of seven out of ten points!

The next round consisted of world flags. It was during this round that some students on the Barts team wondered whether it was too late to switch from their current career path to Geography. Barts came out the winners of this round, winning eight and a half points.

However, it was the next round, the famous ‘name-that-doctor’ round, where BL scored a monumental nine out of ten points, and established our place as the leading team.

Despite this lead, our win was not yet secured. In the music round, it became apparent that if the song was not a current hit, from the noughties or an eighties classic (i.e the anthem that is Dolly Partons 9-5) we probably didn’t know it. We managed to scrape through with a respectable six and a half points, however the competition was gaining and the pressure was well and truly on.

The final round consisted of famous films in which Barts and all of the other teams threw in all that they had left.

We waited with baited breath for the tallying of the scores. VICTORY was ours as we managed to beat the RVC team by one point to take the trophy!

All teams were incredible and put in an amazing amount of effort and showed amazing quizmanship which ultimately made the night an extremely enjoyable one!

Check out our FB and instagram to see the trophy for yourself and find out when our next event is!


Written by Mollie Cronin


sfgh new committee - Students for Global Health Barts.jpeg

On the warm night of the 17th of October, the members of Students for Global Health society gathered together in the room 3.04 (known for the best views in Garrod) to fulfil the missing positions on the committee. Around 16 people attended the EGM, including some guests from the national committee of SfGH. We started off by sharing a delicious cake baked by our lovely VP Elisa Dalle Piagge. It was still warm as our President Katie Burns made an opening speech during which she introduced society members who are already part of the committee. After voting on introduction of new positions, we swiftly moved on to voting for candidates running for each position. Everyone made a beautiful speech about how passionate they are about their role and, following quick vote conducted by the Secretary Ania Wozniak, almost all positions were filled.

We are very pleased with the outcomes of the EGM and we are hoping for an amazing year ahead. We are looking forward to this year as we believe that thanks to those new souls who decided to share their passion for global health, it will be a very successful year. We already have numerous events planned and even more ideas in our heads. With such a diverse committee, in which every member has a very different area of interest within global health, this year is going to be colourful and fun making Students for Global Health great again!

Written by Ania Wozniak

Launch of Tennis Volunteering Scheme


We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Tennis Volunteering Scheme in partnership with Tower Hamlets Tennis!

Tower Hamlets Tennis have supported young children from the local area by providing subsidised tennis sessions and we’re excited to be a part of this! Volunteers will be supporting LTA accredited coaches in delivering these sessions, so if you’re into your tennis, this is a great opportunity to give back to your community.


You don’t need to be an professional tennis player, as long as you’re comfortable with a racket and at an intermediate level you can take part. There’s lots of reasons to participate, with you receiving a free BL Tennis T-Shirt after just 5 sessions, a QMSU Bronze Volunteering Award after just 10 hours volunteered and more incentives the more you volunteer, including supporting BL Tennis in the inaugural BL Sports Volunteering Award awarded at Association Dinner!


#2quidtennis takes place in a variety of locations and times in Tower Hamlets, and you can see a schedule for the next few months below:

Until Oct 21st (inclusive)

Bethnal Green Gardens - 345-530pm Tuesdays, 1045-1230pm Sundays

St John's Park E14 - 345-530pm Thursdays , 945-12pm Saturdays

Victoria Park 345-530pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or 945-12pm Saturdays

King Ed's Mem Park 345-530pm, Wednesdays or 1-3pm Saturdays

Oct 22nd - 26th

Half Term Camps (one of three locations) 1015-1230 and or 1115-3pm

Oct 27th - end Nov

Bethnal Green Gardens - 345-530pm Tuesdays, 1045-1230pm Sundays

St John's Park E14 - 345-530pm Mondays & Thursdays , 945-12pm Saturdays

Victoria Park 945-12pm Saturdays

King Ed's Mem Park 1-3pm Saturdays

Project Gozo


The first year of students have graduated BL Malta and entered their 2nd year of studies on the MBBS Medicine course. A statement that alone seems very normal for such a school as Barts and The London, however we found out last year through brief communications with BL Malta students that this was not the case. A year characterized by feelings of isolation, uncertainty and malunion that emanated from the students living and studying in Gozo contrasts to students in London and seemed mismatched from the out-facing façade of the course. The fact that many students are unaware about our peers in Malta, what they do and how they’re faring is perhaps an indicator of how much progress there is to be made.

We at BL MESS strongly felt that a student led approach to bridging the two campuses could make a lasting impact on student experience in Gozo, so when the opportunity arose through Barts and The London Annual Fund we set about the task of building a project for the students of Malta.

Our primary aim was to bring some of the BL family-feeling to Malta by creating avenues for peer communication and learning that at BL we often take for granted. We are privileged as a university to have a historical society that covers all pre-clinical teaching under one roof and nurtures academic collaboration between peers in a way unseen by any other UK medical school. Every 1st year and 2nd year at BL knows that MESS will support them throughout those crucial years whenever they need it and whatever they need it for. In this sense, MESS is ingrained in the BL student experience in a way that often goes unsaid purely because it has become part of the fabric of the medical school.

This year, our aim is to bridge years 1 & 2 in BL Malta both internally, through peer-teaching, and externally, by enabling a line of academic support in the form of BL MESS. The result, we hope, would be to increase academic welfare and subsequently all aspects of student welfare within the campus. In addition, the creation of GozoMESS long-term will provide an autonomous source of support run and maintained by BL Malta students with a permanent foundation and link to London that augments those lines of support already in place through the faculty and BLSA. Through experience and resources we were confident BL MESS could achieve this and be part of the process bringing consistency in student experience between BL Malta and BL London. In turn, we also hope this will inspire other societies within Barts to reach out and bridge the gap to Malta. After all - we are all one big BL family.

After leaving Bow at 3am, a 3-hour flight from Gatwick and a 2-hour drive including 40 minutes on the ferry, we arrived 11am in Gozo with our best game-faces and set about getting started. After an extraordinary amount of 3 point turns we found where we were meant to be and started the process of settling in. After an extraordinary amount of 3 point turns we found where we were meant to be and started the process of settling in. What is MESS? While we often ponder our own existence, we ended the day by introducing ourselves to the new freshers in BL Malta as well as some of the returning students, hoping to inspire a fledgling committee into existence on Friday morning. GozoMESS made themselves the very next day, creating a committee tailored to how they thought MESS can work for them. Founding presidents Georgia and Joycee immediately began piecing together meetings, plans, ideas – the feels were extremely real.

The inaugural photo of GozoMESS’ first committee

The inaugural photo of GozoMESS’ first committee

For anyone who has worked with BL MESS, you will know we take a lot of pride in doing things correctly and doing things well, so it was fitting that we set about training the first generation of GozoMESS teachers. Osama Omrani eloquently set about inspiring BL Malta in such a way as that no one in Gozo will be safe from the amount of knowledge to be shared over the coming years. As is tradition, the inaugural ‘Unofficial Guide to MBBS’ was given to the freshers and at last, when we were at peace maybe at least one student would be inspired to a better year than they would otherwise have had. And so we set about the social.


Spreading the word – James Stevens and Osama Omrani delivering sessions to the students of BL Malta

Barts and The London is a family and as a family we share. So, it’s my duty to share with everyone that on behalf of you, we socialised and we socialised hard. No-one does organised fun as well as BL, so it was in tribute to that we set about breaking down international campus borders and chin-wagging until the early hours of Sunday morning.

It’s a serious issue when your welfare isn’t where it should be and in opening up and talking about it there is always a way forward. In BL Malta we found an inspiring group of students who embody the values of Barts and The London in full and then some, despite being so far away.

Gozo or Griff? Freshers week social with Gozo’s finest

Gozo or Griff? Freshers week social with Gozo’s finest

Societies – branch out! Open lines of communication and through technology or otherwise you can make an impact on the careers of a now 60-strong group of future doctors.

Students – if you meet a Gozo student offer them the full BL London experience. If you’re in a sports club for example, a 2-week London SSC could comprise of 2 training sessions, bonding though fitness and 2 nights at the jewel-of-the-BL-crown Griff Inn.

If we learnt anything over the 4-days we spent in Gozo it’s that we have 60 more brilliant members of our BL family than some of us know about. In creating GozoMESS BL Malta has begun an exciting journey in working towards matching BL London for academic support. Family is everything and in BL we do it great, but we can be better. Let’s do it. Maximum Effort.


James Stevens

Co-President BL MESS

BL Netball Annual 2017-18

Association Dinner 2018

Association Dinner 2018

What a year for the girls of BL Netball! We have had an unbelievable year as a club and seem to be flying from strength to strength with so much to be proud of. Carrying on from our many successes from last year our main focus this year has been female empowerment and inclusion in sport and we could not be prouder to be able to offer any girl, whatever ability, a guaranteed place on any of our 6 teams or the chance to learn a new sport altogether!

Our massive family gained some incredible new members this year helping this girl gang to grow to an astonishing 85 members. This makes us one of the leading female clubs on campus with an incredible 6 teams entered into three different leagues: BUCS, LUSL and the QMSU league. We are consistently creating new teams and entering more teams into new leagues to accommodate for our growing numbers to make sure our girls get the most out of their sporting experience at Barts. This year our 4th team had their first year in the BUCS league and they absolutely smashed it! More to come with this years impressive results below.

We have had a crazy fun-filled social calendar this year and the biggest right-handed commendation must go to our legendary social secretaries BrOre (Bridget Cullinan and Ore Akinwale). They have given us all we could have ever wanted from our Wednesday evenings, spent mainly in our beloved Griff Inn with a good old-fashioned tables sesh. We have had socials with just about every club at Barts including some very questionable dance moves and some even more questionable fancy dress. The girls have also done a great job of hosting non-alcoholic socials which have been a blast.

We have also had two insanely fun tours away to Liverpool and Bratislava (rogue, we know) and the biggest of thank you’s must go to the Kylie and Kendall of BL Netball, Emily Bennett and JoJo Parsons and BrOre ofcourse. Live, Laugh, Liverpool and The Floor is Bratislava will go down in BL Netball history and we are eternally grateful for you girls and your love of stash #DVTour #HundyPgonnarally. Our strong social media presence over the year is something I am particularly proud of! You can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with our captains, social secretaries and members consistently posting match results, club successes, social updates, tour updates and support for other clubs and societies at Barts as well as any events/campaigns on campus. Above all we have loved how much the support between clubs has grown this year and we can’t wait to see more of this next year! Check out our year of success on the following: @blnetball or BL Netball on facebook and Twitter.

A huge thank you as well to our wonderful treasurer and all around club saviour Angel Julia Stichbury or AnJules, a true mastermind of the Excel spreadsheet, for keeping us financially stable as a club. Our finances are the strongest they’ve ever been, and we are excited to finally be in a position to be able to make the most of our financial savings to give our girls the best next year! A big thanks as well to Jules and Fatima ‘you alright Pooj’ Rashid our Club Secretary for treating us girls to such a fabulous and special AGM. Loved it girls! The Association fund and Annual fund have been extremely kind to us this year with all our funding applications being awarded. Most excitingly, we were granted funding to put two of our members through C grade level umpire training with Netball England. Milly Newham and Katie Briggs will be the hottest new umpires on court come October 2018 when the next netball season starts and we can’t wait to reap the benefits of reduced umpire costs, increased sporting experiences, quality umpiring and self-sufficiency as a club. Go on girls!

We are extremely proud of our philanthropic efforts this year which saw us being involved in cross campus campaigns and charity opportunities. We participated in the This Girl Can Campaign hosting the largest attended event by collaborating with QMBL Muay Thai to host a self-defence session. It was a great success and we can’t wait to collab with them in the future. We also participated in the 12 Days of Titmas Challenge hosted by the Uni Boob Team at QMUL and had an absolute blast. We were the first team to sign on from Barts and completed boob related challenges over 12 days during Christmas which was great fun. Our other efforts include being involved in the Bloody Good Period drives, Mission volunteering over the years, The Shag Calendar and our spice girl themed consent campaign!

My proudest moment as BL Netball President was raising £1197.37 for Street Doctors, Rape Crisis UK & Wales and the Barts Guild through our A Night In Paris ball in collaboration with BL RAG. This years Moulin Rouge themed ball was insanely successful and went above and beyond all of our expectations. The event offered: Live performances, drinks deals, games such as spin the wheel and black jack, a photobooth and best of all a silent disco! We are proud to have hosted the only event put on by a sporting society where all the proceeds go directly to charity for the second time in a row now! The event completely blew me away and I am so grateful to both my netball committee and the RAG committee for all their hard work, time and dedication. Our efforts helped win us the incredible achievement from the Queen Mary Volunteering and RAG awards for RAG event of the year this year which we also won last year for the Prohibition Ball! Hopefully we can maintain this rewarding event for years to come!

Our annual netball tournament enjoyed by the students of Barts was a massive success this year. We were blessed with the finest of London’s sunshine, great company and incredible outfits. This years entries saw ten teams comprised of both sporting and non-sporting society members battle it out to become netball champions. The competition was fierce, but Mens Basketball conquered the courts and stole the crown from last years winners - Rugby. We always have the best time sharing our love of netball with the rest of Barts and are already rearing to go for next years competition. The biggest thanks to our club veteran Laura ‘Blanche’ Blakey for her efforts in organising such a great day.

I want to say a massive thank you to Dr. Lesley Robson, our Staff president, for her unwavering support this year. She has been incredible to be around and has supported us at all of our big club events such as Christmas dinner and AGM. It has been an honour Lesley and roll on next year!

And last but not least, our sporting successes this year! I’ll keep it short and sweet seeing as six teams is immense. Our firsts had a great year in the BUCS South Eastern 2B league and the LUSL premier league and will happily be maintaining their spots in these top leagues next year. Our 2nds did extremely well finishing 4th in BUCS South Eastern 5B and joint 5th in LUSL. We are extremely proud of both our 3rds and 4ths who are both expecting a double promotion next year. Our 3rds have had an outstanding season, smashing their BUCS South Eastern 7B and LUSL leagues finishing top of the table in both! Our 4ths have been an absolute dream and have only gone and finished top of the table in both their BUCS South Eastern 9B and LUSL leagues. This was their first time entered the competitive BUCS league and they dominated. Go girls! Our lovely 4ths blew not only us away but also the BLSA board and came away with the very much deserved Team of the Year award at this years Association Dinner Awards. Our 5ths are thriving in their second year of the LUSL league finishing 8th out of 11 teams and they have been enjoying the weekly QMSU league along with our 6ths. The 6th team are going from strength to strength in the QMSU league with many players having been completely new to netball this year.

I am so incredibly proud of every single player in the club and the progress that is displayed by all of our team’s year upon year is truly astounding! A massive congratulations to our incredible captains this year, you girls are THE bomb: Gauri ‘GG’ Saxena, Claire ‘CHOOK’ Huck, Varnika ‘VK’ Kaushik, Esmee ‘EsBAE’ Engels, Jessica ‘JLO’ Long and Priya ‘PriYAS queen’ Sivakumar. Couldn’t have done it without you. What an insane year we’ve had. I love you girls and this club with all my heart. Thanks for making this year so incredibly special. Onwards and upwards netball GalPals!

Written by Jessica Snaas, BL Netball President 2017-18


nov sprints news - Boat Club.jpg

A freezing cold day and an 8am arrival signalled the start of the racing season for 24 BLBC freshers. The first race of the day was the fresher women’s first boat who were taking on ICSM 1. After a dramatic crab in the second stroke of the start (which nearly gave this fresher captain a heart attack) they recovered beautifully to win by nearly a length and a half. The girls‘ second race was Georges 1, again they were slightly behind off the start but found their rhythm and power to come through with a second win by half a length. In the nail-biting final against RUMS 1 the girls lost by just a canvas, after drawing ahead by half a length and fighting over inches at the finish line.

The men’s first boat faced GKT1 in their first race and beat them solidly with a whole length of clear water between them. Much like the women they faced Georges 1 in their semi-final and again beat them easily with 1.5 lengths between the boats at the finish line. The final was once again against the same opponent: RUMS 1. Observing the racing at flood tide RUMS looked to be drawing ahead but by the finish line the boys had beaten them by half a length to take home the medals.

The mixed crew also put up a brave fight for their race (which also happened to be their first outing as a crew) but ultimately lost to Georges 1 (whom the men's crew would later take their revenge on). The racing crews were as follows:

Novice Men's 1st - WINNERS

Cox - Jess Challenger

Stroke - Ben Johnson

7 - Robert Good

6 - Alex Deighton

5 - Milo Simpson

4 - Jamie Henderson

3 - Joseph Johnson

2 - Skyler Tian Ren Ye

Bow - Adam Mitchell


Novice Women's 1st - FINAL

Cox - Rocio Crispin

Stroke - Sreya Gooptu-O'Shea

7 - Olivia Dupere

6 - Alice Gant

5 - Tamsin Dyer

4 - Caroline Olabisi

3 - Sveva de Luca

2 - Samia Omar

Bow - Alice Westlake


Novice Crew Mixed

Cox - Mathew Robathan

Stroke - Aamir Saiyed

7 - James Ogley

6 - Alex Haiser

5 - Andreas Andreou

4 - Jessica Froggatt

3 - Tillana Tarkas

2 - Amanda Hertzberg

Bow - Vrinda Nadda