Griff Goes Global: The Buzz in Global Health

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On the chilly night of 6th November 2018, Students for Global Health BL retreated to the warmth of the Griff to host our first Griff Goes Global event! This a recurring event where students meet at the Griff to debate the latest topics in global health. The theme of our first event was: THE BUZZ IN GLOBAL HEALTH!

GGG#1 was led by our fearless Education Officers, Madeleine Bell and Hana Mahmood, as well as our ever-wonderful VP Elisa Dalle Piagge! The fabulous Numa, Treasurer extraordinaire, brought muchos snackos and Pres Katie very much appreciated the dips and chips (that’s right, FREE FOOD!).

How does GGG work? Everyone is grouped on to different tables, and each table has a debate topic. Epic battles are waged as people passionately debate their opinions, then the debate topics are rotated, and the battles begin again. From the logical reasoners, the quiet head-shakers, the loud arguers and the devil’s advocates, we had an amazing time debating the most important health issues that are currently affecting our world.

We are so excited about GGG and we hope that it will become one of our most successful events! Check out our FB and instagram to find out when the next Griff Goes Global event is on!

Much love,

SfGH-BL Committee


Written by Katie Burns