Griff Goes Global: The Buzz in Global Health

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On the chilly night of 6th November 2018, Students for Global Health BL retreated to the warmth of the Griff to host our first Griff Goes Global event! This a recurring event where students meet at the Griff to debate the latest topics in global health. The theme of our first event was: THE BUZZ IN GLOBAL HEALTH!

GGG#1 was led by our fearless Education Officers, Madeleine Bell and Hana Mahmood, as well as our ever-wonderful VP Elisa Dalle Piagge! The fabulous Numa, Treasurer extraordinaire, brought muchos snackos and Pres Katie very much appreciated the dips and chips (that’s right, FREE FOOD!).

How does GGG work? Everyone is grouped on to different tables, and each table has a debate topic. Epic battles are waged as people passionately debate their opinions, then the debate topics are rotated, and the battles begin again. From the logical reasoners, the quiet head-shakers, the loud arguers and the devil’s advocates, we had an amazing time debating the most important health issues that are currently affecting our world.

We are so excited about GGG and we hope that it will become one of our most successful events! Check out our FB and instagram to find out when the next Griff Goes Global event is on!

Much love,

SfGH-BL Committee


Written by Katie Burns

SfGH Pan-London Pub Quiz

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On the 19th of October members of SfGH-BL made the monumental trek from the realms of the East End to the UCL campus. We were destined for the Pan London Global Health Quiz night. Unfortunately, we realised we did not know where we were going until we started out on our journey, so arrived in Barts time.

Upon arrival, we quickly established that ‘pub quiz’ wasn’t the most apt name for this event. Instead of a small cosy London pub (think The Leaky Cauldron from Harry Potter), it was in an equally as charming rec room in the UCL student hub.

The competition was tough; there was a variety of teams representing the different London unis, such as Imperial, UCL, Kings and The Royal Veterinary College. Arguably (arguably not) you could have cut the tension in the room with a knife as all teams waited with baited breath for the first round of questions.

The first round of the quiz was Global Health. ‘Never fall at the first hurdle’ became our mantra as Barts (questionably) guessed half of the questions in the first round. Despite our President Katie Burns preparing the quiz she was no help; nothing could get her to break and give us any hints as to the answers. Neither money nor food could break her. We were well and truly in the desert alone.

This first round was one of the tougher rounds for Barts, but this was the same for most of the teams present. Despite a wobbly start Barts came out with a total of seven out of ten points!

The next round consisted of world flags. It was during this round that some students on the Barts team wondered whether it was too late to switch from their current career path to Geography. Barts came out the winners of this round, winning eight and a half points.

However, it was the next round, the famous ‘name-that-doctor’ round, where BL scored a monumental nine out of ten points, and established our place as the leading team.

Despite this lead, our win was not yet secured. In the music round, it became apparent that if the song was not a current hit, from the noughties or an eighties classic (i.e the anthem that is Dolly Partons 9-5) we probably didn’t know it. We managed to scrape through with a respectable six and a half points, however the competition was gaining and the pressure was well and truly on.

The final round consisted of famous films in which Barts and all of the other teams threw in all that they had left.

We waited with baited breath for the tallying of the scores. VICTORY was ours as we managed to beat the RVC team by one point to take the trophy!

All teams were incredible and put in an amazing amount of effort and showed amazing quizmanship which ultimately made the night an extremely enjoyable one!

Check out our FB and instagram to see the trophy for yourself and find out when our next event is!


Written by Mollie Cronin


sfgh new committee - Students for Global Health Barts.jpeg

On the warm night of the 17th of October, the members of Students for Global Health society gathered together in the room 3.04 (known for the best views in Garrod) to fulfil the missing positions on the committee. Around 16 people attended the EGM, including some guests from the national committee of SfGH. We started off by sharing a delicious cake baked by our lovely VP Elisa Dalle Piagge. It was still warm as our President Katie Burns made an opening speech during which she introduced society members who are already part of the committee. After voting on introduction of new positions, we swiftly moved on to voting for candidates running for each position. Everyone made a beautiful speech about how passionate they are about their role and, following quick vote conducted by the Secretary Ania Wozniak, almost all positions were filled.

We are very pleased with the outcomes of the EGM and we are hoping for an amazing year ahead. We are looking forward to this year as we believe that thanks to those new souls who decided to share their passion for global health, it will be a very successful year. We already have numerous events planned and even more ideas in our heads. With such a diverse committee, in which every member has a very different area of interest within global health, this year is going to be colourful and fun making Students for Global Health great again!

Written by Ania Wozniak