The BL Water Polo Club is a mixed club, offering mixed training sessions and matches.

Along with providing some of the best fitness and skill sessions available, we also have a very friendly social side to the club, which is ever expanding!

Throughout the year, we offer 2-3 training sessions a week, weekly socials, a national and international TOUR, Alumni events and the infamous Barts to The London Pub Crawl!

A standard Student membership entitles you to all of this and so much more!

Taster Session

Date: Monday 24th September

9:30 – 10:30pm, St George’s Pool, Shadwell

  1. Swim Warm Up

  2. Basic small group skills and rule explanations

  3. Fun Matches

Swimming costume and Towel are the only things required- goggles and shampoo are optional.

There is no formal selection process for teams- there is a team for all abilities!


Monday 9:30-10:30pm at St George's Swimming Pool 

Wednesday 3-5pm Strength and Conditioning sessions in the gym, or optional land training in the park for those without gym memberships.

Thursday 9.30-10.30pm at St George's Swimming Pool

Sunday 6.15-7.45pm at York Hall Leisure Centre

Equipment: swimming costume and towel are the only things required- goggles and shampoo are optional.

All other equipment will be provided.

Commitment levels required: Attendance is recommended at all sessions if possible, to really improve your skills and fitness, but if you just want to have a bit of fun, do come as and when you can!


BUCS- Men's and Women's 1st teams.

LUSL- 2 mixed teams.

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COmmittee 2018/19

President - Marco Coronelli

Men’s Captain- Renos Jeropoulos

Women’s Captain - Anna Wozniak

Mixed Captain - Sophia Kanwar

Treasurer- Imy de Trafford

Secretary- Jonathan Amoah

Social Sec- Tim Yeo & Omar Elhalwagy

Alumni Sec- Luke Holdsworth

Tour Sec- Connor Maxwell