Association Awards 2019 - Winners


Freshers of The Year

Gwyn Bowen

Gwyn has attended almost every event this year, is a friendly face who has fitted in with all groups of people with ease and who has joined many student groups. He is a keen Rugby player and despite having an injury at the beginning of the year which meant he couldn't actually play, he still attended training and matches to learn and support the rest of the team.

Varvara Evgeniou

Varvara has gone above and beyond in throwing themself into her first year here at Barts and The London. She has been very active in a number of societies, including as a core dancer withint BL Dance, has featured in 3 Drama Plays and is a member of Cypriot and Hellenic Society. Varvara will also be sitting on the BLSA Board next year as International Rep.

Most Missed Finalists

Dr Hannah Fox

Hannah Fox has been at Barts and The London for 6 years and has been involved in a number of different societies. She always goes the extra mile and has contributed massively to one society in particularly. Hannah has been an integral part of BL Dance, playing a huge role in choreographing dances, teaching classes and even teaching Dr Robson & Mr Brecknell their cameo dance at Strictly, as well as being heavily involved in the Drama Society Musicals in recent years. Hannah is a familiar face to many here at Barts and The London and one who will be missed. 

 Dr Aleksander Rula

Aleks Rula is someone who lives and breathes Barts and The London. He has wholly immersed themselves in BL life during his time here. His welcoming presence has always been a constant over the 7 years that he has been here. Aleks has played a huge role in many areas including the Water Polo Club and within BLSA as Sports Officer and VP London. Barts and The London will just not be the same without him.

RAG Sports Award

 The RAG Sports Award is awarded each year to the club who has raised the most money.

 BL Boat Club

This year’s BL RAG Cup goes to BLBC, who have managed to put on not one but two fantastic fundraising events in central London. Through this they have raised and impressive £3989.88 for two amazing charities London’s Air Ambulance and Action on Addiction. It is a testament to the hard work of the committee and the dedication and team spirit of the club that they managed this!

RAG Societies Shield Award

BL Islamic Society 

BL ISoc have won the RAG Shield this year due to their consistent effort into charitable activities, often going unnoticed in the work they do. Every year they raise a huge amount of money and this year is no different raising £4,430.20 for charity, this only comes with some incredibly hard work by a large group of people. 

Special commendation to Dance and DermSoc, who managed to raise over £1000 each for RAG this year.

Volunteer of the Year

Debra Chow 

Debra has gone above and beyond this year in the volunteering she has done. She is forward-thinking and organised and always works cohesively with those around her. Debra has shown particular commitment in setting up a new volunteering group this year and her passion and dedication to running Barts Community Smiles Is absolutely astounding.

Society Person of the Year

Hester Toovey

Hester has shown incredible leadership this year as President of Drama Society. She constantly works tirelessly behind the scenes and is always willing to listen to any problem, no matter how small. She has worked hard to ensure that her society is a safe space where all are welcome. Hester shows great leadership in running her committee and always brings everyone along with her in her ideas. The Drama Society has reached new heights under her leadership.

Sportsperson of the Year

Matt Holder

Matt has a huge amount of drive and dedication as a sportsperson. His enthusiasm is ever present and always pushes his team forward. As a captain for his team, he has guided their team to league topping positions and 2 finals. Matt’s passion for his sport is always present through matches and every training session. His hard work in improving the BL sporting community has also been present off the pitch as a member of the Club Sport Committee.

Lecturer of the Year

Dr Megan Clinch

Dr Megan Clinch is an excellent teacher and excels in explaining difficult topics. She is one of the most approachable staff members we have at Barts and The London. Despite her incredibly busy schedule, she always make themselves available to students and provides them with the contact time they need. Dr Clinch is a fantastic role model in their work for social justice and equality, and her community health work in Tower Hamlets is inspirational to all students who they teach.

Clinician of the Year

Dr Sinclair Butcher

Dr Sinclair Butcher is a much-loved clinician with a real dedication to teaching. He is approachable, engaging and a hugely popular member of staff across the Dental School. He takes hours out of their time to create detailed seminars which they deliver to the final year dental students, often in their own time. Dr Butcher is the go-to about finals patients, case presentation, interviews and much much more!

Faculty Staff of the Year

 This is a new award this year which aims to recognise and celebrate the staff who work tireless behind the scenes, supporting students and helping to administer courses.

 Tom Schindler

Tom Schindler is someone who always goes above and beyond for students. He can answer most questions or if not, he will always know who can and will respond to emails very quickly! He works tirelessly to support the Final Year Medics  and ensures they receive all of the information they need efficiently and in a timely manner.

Most Improved Volunteering Group


Streetdoctors has had a massive presence at Barts and The London this year. This group contains many enthusiastic volunteers who have a great passion for the work they do. As a newly affiliated Volunteering Group, they have established themselves well within BLSA. Streetdoctors is made up of some fantastic volunteers who go out into our community and teach life saving first aid skills to young people who may be affected by violence and knife crime.

 Most Improved Society

 Students for Global Health

Students for Global Health has had a real presence within BLSA through the events and intitiatives they have run. Their committee this year have worked incredibly hard and cohesively to ensure their society is inclusive and open to all. Their engagement through social media has been impressive also. This society have doubled their membership and hosted several events, including their monthly event “Griff Goes Global”. They have engaged in many areas on BLSA, including running a photography and art exhibition in March for our BLSA Women’s Week.

Most Improved Sports Club

BL Tennis Club

BL Tennis has grown this year, particularly with more freshers joining the club. They have worked to increase their social media presence to ensure their achievements are seen across BL. Tennis have had particular focus on growing their social and intermediate offering to ensure they are welcoming of all abilities. They have also seen great successes this year, including winning the UH Women’s League and the UH Mixed League. This club has also engaged in volunteering this year and started a volunteering campaign to help young children learn to play tennis. Tennis has worked hard to develop in all areas and even won the first Final Whistle Challenge at the start of the year.

Academic Event of the Year

The Orthopaedic Symposium

This winning event was the very first of its kind and had a fantastic attendance. A pan-London collaboration, this event saw attendance from over 150 delegates. With renowned speakers, workshops, careers advice and opportunities for poster presentations, this event was enjoyed by all who attended.

Non-Academic Event of the Year

70 Years of Women at BL 

This sell-out event was a huge success and enjoyed by all who attended. Also the first of its kind, this event was incredibly well-organised and had attendance from many students as well as staff and alumni. This event consisted of some truly inspirational speeches and some incredible performances from some of our student groups. A truly special event which bought the BL community together.

Volunteering Group of the Year

Barts Community Smiles

This Volunteering Group has made a positive contribution to the community and has provided fantastic volunteering opportunities to many students. They have had over 50 regular volunteers and have proactively made a presence through social media. A new volunteering group this year, this group has done incredibly well in establishing themselves into the volunteering community at BL. In the past 8 months, they have interacted with over 2000 members of the public in their various events, increasing awareness of oral diseases and giving basic oral hygiene advice. A forward thinking group, they have collaborated with our volunteering groups, had a presence on dental outreach clinics and partnered with Tower Hamlets Council.

Society of the Year

BL Drama Society

The winning society have seen a large growth in their membership this year and have continued to be a strong presence within the BL Community. They have shown a great drive to get involved in the wider BLSA community and have raised money for RAG through their events. This society has worked to adapt what they do this year, with different types of events which engage a range of students. Their hard work to improve and maintain the conditions in Laird Hall and to support other societies using it is impressive. They have continued to expand their offering, even taking to the stage with Shakespeare this year. A society that looks out for the wellbeing fo their members, they were the first student group to hold a consent workshop this year.

Sports Team of the Year

Women’s Hockey 1st Elevens

The winning team have had a fantastic year. Their incredible team spirit and passion for their sport unites them as a team and allows them to excel both on and off the pitch. This team has been undefeated in BUCS this year. They reached the final in the UH cup. And with their recent promotion in BUCS 1A they are now the highest performing women’s across the whole university.

Sports Club of the Year

BL Netball Club

This club has had a fantastic year. They have continued to have huge successes within their own club and also as part of the wider BL Community. They have increased their membership this year and now have over 100 members. They have more teams playing than ever before. They have raised over two thousand pounds for RAG. They have worked to teach their sport in local schools in East London. And they helped set up and went on to win the first ever United Hospitals Cup for their sport. They embody the spirit of BLSA in all areas, supporting their members and giving back to their community.

Association Cup

Medical Education Support Society (MESS)

This award recognises clubs and societies that have gone above and beyond in supporting and improving the Barts and The London community. This year’s winners have undoubtedly gone above and beyond in the work they have done to support the BL Community. As I ever year, this group has continued to support an enormous number of students within BL and are often taken for granted in the work they do. This group went above and beyond this year and worked to set the example for all student groups and our community in being proactive and establishing themselves up as a society in Malta. They took it upon themselves to create an ambitious plan to secure funding, travel to Malta and establish GozoMESS Society.

 This award recognises groups that have proactively seeked to positively impact the Barts and The London Community in a lasting way and this group has certainly done that.

How's It Go(zo)ing! - December Events


A belated update from the end of last term….

 We celebrated the end of our first term of the year with our annual student and staff Christmas Party. We also welcomed some of our fellow London cohort who joined the second years for their first SSC of the year. The Christmas party was a big success with secret santa, prizes, great food, drinks and lots of dancing!

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-31 at 20.45.19 (3).jpeg

 On Wednesday 19th December the Barts and The London, Malta Anatomy Centre was officially opened and inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat along with Professor Steve Thornton, the Vice Principal of Barts and The London, Armin Ernst, the President of Steward Health Care and the Maltese Health Minister Chris Fearne.

 The anatomy lab includes a dedicated area for dissection and embalming, as well as facilities for showing clinical images, videos of surgical procedures and specialised computer imaging. The anatomy lab has already been put to good use with our various anatomy practicals. We carried out our first dissection SSC in December, which was extremely successful and was led by Dr Molyneux and Dr Derricott. Students are already looking forward to our next opportunity to carry out dissection!

How's It Go(zo)ing! - Gozo House Systems


This year the Gozo Society have introduced a house system for students and staff. There will be inter-house competitions throughout the year, both sport and non-sport. In addition to winning the house cup, kindly donated by Professor Nicholas Lemoine, there will be a small prize for the winning house.

Gozo Society committee members narrowed down a list of alumni who have ties with Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry from 45 down to our chosen 4!

Our four houses are the following:



Named after Frederick Batten, father of paediatric neurology and pathologist at Hospital for Sick Children, first describing Batten disease in 1903.


Garrett Anderson

Named after Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first woman to qualify as a physician and surgeon in Britain, and co-founder of the first hospital staffed by women and the first dean of a British medical school.



Named after William Marsden, a surgeon who founded the Royal Free (for poor patients) and the Royal Marsden (for cancer patients) Hospitals in 1828 and 1851 respectively.



Named after Dame Parveen Kumar, a co-founder and co-editor of the standard medical textbook, Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine, and who has held numerous roles in medical education.

Our first inter-house competition was choosing our house colour and designing our own logos (shown above). The logo had to tie in both campuses and relate to the accomplishments of the alumni. After much deliberation by BLSA President Tom Longbottom and BLSA Staff President Professor Nicholas Lemoine, House Kumar were declared the winners!

Since then, we have had multiple House Events, including a collaboration with our Afro-Caribbean Society during Black History Month, where House Batten won the Black History Quiz and a table tennis tournament where House Marsden won!

Photo from our table tennis event

Photo from our table tennis event

The House Cup, kindly donated by Staff President, Professor Lemoine

The House Cup, kindly donated by Staff President, Professor Lemoine

How's It Go(zo)ing! - Freshers Flurry


This year the Gozo Society organised the first freshers’ week for the Barts and the London, Malta Campus. As a committee, we organised a series of events to allow for the integration between the two years. This started with a games night, to which we bought Chinese food and got to know the first years. The next night we had Bowling in Victoria, the main town in Gozo. The following day we went for a swim and jumped off the diving platform in Xlendi, an old fishing village. For our penultimate event, we had a day trip to Valletta, the capital city of Malta. We enjoyed the various celebrations for Malta Independence Day. The final Freshers event was a night out in La Grotta, a local club in Gozo.

The following week we celebrated the mix of students that we have on the Malta campus with an International Food Festival event where students from both years brought in dishes and wore clothing to represent their cultural background. This was a huge success and we look forward to organising a similar event annually. During this event, we also established the Mummies and Daddies scheme, where second years will be mentoring students in the year below.

We are also in the process of setting up our own Malta House System. This includes four houses and there will be various inter-house competitions, both sport and non-sport throughout the year. The winning house will receive the house cup, kindly donated by Professor Nicholas Lemoine. More information about the Malta House System on our next monthly update!


Written by Marie-Sophie Gomm, Gozo President 2018-19

Project Gozo


The first year of students at BL Malta have completed their first year and entered their 2nd year of studies on the MBBS Medicine course. Naturally, being the first year of students on a new international campus, there were some issues and everything did not go entirely to plan. The fact that many students are unaware about our peers in Malta, what they do and how they’re faring is perhaps an indicator of how much progress there is to be made.

We at BL MESS strongly felt that we could help to make a lasting impact on student experience in Gozo, so when the opportunity arose through Barts and The London Annual Fund we set about the task of building a project for the students of Malta.

Our primary aim was to bring some of the BL family-feeling to Malta by creating avenues for peer communication and learning that at BL we often take for granted. We are privileged as a university to have a historical society that covers all pre-clinical teaching under one roof and nurtures academic collaboration between peers in a way unseen by any other UK medical school. Every 1st year and 2nd year at BL knows that MESS will support them throughout those crucial years whenever they need it and whatever they need it for. In this sense, MESS is ingrained in the BL student experience in a way that often goes unsaid purely because it has become part of the fabric of the medical school.

This year, our aim is to bridge years 1 & 2 in BL Malta both internally, through peer-teaching, and externally, by enabling a line of academic support in the form of BL MESS, as is available to students in London. The result, we hope, would be to increase academic welfare and subsequently all aspects of student welfare within the campus. In addition, the creation of GozoMESS long-term will provide an autonomous source of support run and maintained by BL Malta students with a permanent foundation and link to London that augments those lines of support already in place through the faculty and BLSA. Through experience and resources we were confident BL MESS could achieve this and be part of the process bringing consistency in student experience between BL Malta and BL London. In turn, we also hope this will inspire other societies within Barts to reach out and bridge the gap to Malta. After all - we are all one big BL family.

After leaving Bow at 3am, a 3-hour flight from Gatwick and a 2-hour drive including 40 minutes on the ferry, we arrived 11am in Gozo with our best game-faces and set about getting started. After an extraordinary amount of 3 point turns we found where we were meant to be and started the process of settling in. After an extraordinary amount of 3 point turns we found where we were meant to be and started the process of settling in. What is MESS? While we often ponder our own existence, we ended the day by introducing ourselves to the new freshers in BL Malta as well as some of the returning students, hoping to inspire a fledgling committee into existence on Friday morning. GozoMESS made themselves the very next day, creating a committee tailored to how they thought MESS can work for them. Founding presidents Georgia and Joycee immediately began piecing together meetings, plans, ideas – the feels were extremely real.

The inaugural photo of GozoMESS’ first committee

The inaugural photo of GozoMESS’ first committee

For anyone who has worked with BL MESS, you will know we take a lot of pride in doing things correctly and doing things well, so it was fitting that we set about training the first generation of GozoMESS teachers. Osama Omrani eloquently set about inspiring BL Malta in such a way as that no one in Gozo will be safe from the amount of knowledge to be shared over the coming years. As is tradition, the inaugural ‘Unofficial Guide to MBBS’ was given to the freshers and at last, when we were at peace maybe at least one student would be inspired to a better year than they would otherwise have had. And so we set about the social.


Spreading the word – James Stevens and Osama Omrani delivering sessions to the students of BL Malta

Barts and The London is a family and as a family we share. So, it’s my duty to share with everyone that on behalf of you, we socialised and we socialised hard. No-one does organised fun as well as BL, so it was in tribute to that we set about breaking down international campus borders and chin-wagging until the early hours of Sunday morning.

In BL Malta we found an inspiring group of students who embody the values of Barts and The London in full and then some, despite being so far away. We can’t wait to work closer to our growing BL community.

Gozo or Griff? Freshers week social with Gozo’s finest

Gozo or Griff? Freshers week social with Gozo’s finest

Societies – branch out! Open lines of communication and through technology or otherwise you can make an impact on the careers of a now 60-strong group of future doctors.

Students – if you meet a Gozo student offer them the full BL London experience. If you’re in a sports club for example, a 2-week London SSC could comprise of 2 training sessions, bonding though fitness and 2 nights at the jewel-of-the-BL-crown Griff Inn.

If we learnt anything over the 4-days we spent in Gozo it’s that we have 60 more brilliant members of our BL family than some of us know about. In creating GozoMESS BL Malta has begun an exciting journey in working towards matching BL London for academic support. Family is everything and in BL we do it great, but we can be better. Let’s do it. Maximum Effort.

Wrriten by James Stevens, Co-President BL MESS

Thanks to BATLAA and all our Alumni for supporting this project

Thanks to BATLAA and all our Alumni for supporting this project