BLSA Honours are awarded to outgoing final year students to recognise achievements that they have made within their student groups and other contributions to the association. Recipients of the honours awards are decided upon by the BLSA Honours Committee upon receiving nominations from Student Group Committees.

The deadline for 2019 nominations is 5pm on Thursday 31st January.
Nominations are restricted to email addresses only.

Contact if there are any issues or you would like to submit a nomination on behalf of a student group not listed.

The Honours Committee

The Honours Committee is made up of the BLSA President, the two Vice Presidents, and the BL Sports, Societies and Volunteering Officers. This Committee comes together to discuss and decide on those that have been nominated by all the student groups.
The decision on who is awarded the honours is made by the entire committee to make it as fair as possible, and that those who deserve Colours and Blues will receive them.



An award to recognise the efforts of our students in improving our community, normally through playing a substantial part in a society or club.

Typically these will be awarded for long-term involvement in a student group committee, or a significant contribution to a student group along with shorter-term involvement on committee.



The highest award that a society or club can nominate one of its members for. These are very difficult to receive and are for the most considerable effort.

Generally these are just reserved for senior committee members who have made outstanding contributions to their student group, or students who have made an extraordinary contribution to a particular student group.

Association Honours


Reserved for those who have served at the highest levels of BLSA in senior leadership positions, or those that have made a significant contribution to the Association having held one or multiple BLSA Board Positions.


The following criteria give some guidance on how Colours & Blues are awarded. The final decision is at the discretion of the Honours Committee.

Please note this is only a guidance of what an honoree might have accomplished and it not expected that they would not have to fulfill all of the criteria below to be successful. This list is by no means definitive.

Position of Candidate (Blues-held minimum role of President/Principal Officer/Captain for 1+ Years, or Key Committee Position for 2+ Years; Colours-held minimum role of Key Committee Position for 1+ Years)
Degree of Commitment (Blues-exceeded what others before them have achieved in the role, recognized accordingly by club/society; Colours-met the expectations of the role)
Attendance (Blues-attended on a minimum weekly basis (dependent on nature of student group); Colours-regularly attended events and meetings)
Personal Development (Colours-showed evidence of developing personal character, or displayed passion in taking up a new interest or activity)
Founded/Re-Started (Colours-individual founded a student group)

Size of Student Group (Blues-Student Group had a membership of 100+ during time involved/increase in 150% above previous year; Colours-Student Group had a membership of 50+ during time involved/increase in 75% above previous year)
Sporting Achievement (Blues-group was promoted in BUCS and LUSL leagues/won UH competition; Colours-group had a positive competitive record, finished strongly in BUCS/LUSL leagues)
Events (Blues-led running of at least 1 high-quality event per year (e.g. conference), and helped with running regular events throughout the year; Colours-helped with running of at least 3-4 events during the year)

Awards of Student Group (Blues-won an Association Dinner or other Students’ Union Award during time involved; Colours-nominated for an Association Dinner or other Students’ Union Award during time involved)
Institutional Impact (Blues-individual raised awareness/prestige/reputation of BL through activities of student group; Colours-individual sought an active relationship with BLSA, attending GCMs and using BLSA branding)
Collaborations (Blues-worked with multiple student groups, from many different backgrounds; Colours-worked with another student group to run activities)
Inclusivity (Colours-individual helped group run a variety of non-drinking and otherwise accessible events)
Contribution to Charitable Purposes (Colours-individual promoted active engagement of student group in BLSA RAG/volunteering)

Partnerships (Blues-involved in establishing relationships with national/international organizations; Colours-involved in working with regional bodies or inviting renowned speakers)
Initiatives (Blues- created a new venture which runs to this day; Colours-supported in the setting up of a new scheme)
Financial Stability (Blues-individual sought sponsors and strengthened long-term financial status, through external sources (i.e. not one’s own financial contribution); Colours-individual increased money raised from grant funding, and membership subs; N.B. individual must not have left group in a position of financial peril)
Sustainability (Blues-development of branding, social media presence, etc; Colours-withstood external pressures threatening the group’s function and allowed smooth handover to next committee)