How safe is London?

London is a safe city, as long as you're sensible about your own personal safety.  Below are a few common-sense tips that we've put together to make sure you stay as safe as possible. If you ever experience any safety concerns, make sure you contact Whitechapel Security as soon as you can to help make our campus even safer.

Avoid dark areas at night

Although London is generally well-lit, it's important to avoid areas that are less well lit (such as parks or alleyways) at night. Even if it takes a bit longer to walk, its worth the time!

Don't use your phone on the go

While its OK to check your phone for a message or change your music, avoid walking and texting or speaking on the phone as it reduces your awareness of surroundings and makes you a potential target for thieves.

Look after your drinks

Only trust drinks that you've seen being poured or that you've poured yourself. If you need to, only leave your drink with a trusted friend and if in doubt don't drink a drink that was unattended at all.

Safety Updates

9th May 2018

We're aware that there have been a number of thefts recently of personal items (e.g laptops) from the Garrod Building and Whitechapel Library. We're liaising with Security and the University to resolve these as effectively as possible, but in the meantime:
- We recommend that you don't leaving your belongings unattended and either take them with you on breaks or give them to a trusted friend to look after.
- Please report all incidents to and cc as soon as you can, to ensure we can try and resolve the incident as soon as possible.


29th November 2017

Dear Students,
In recent days there has been an increase in the number of safety incidents that have occurred on the Whitechapel Campus which has prompted us to send out this message outlining a few ways that you can be more aware and help keep you safe.
• Keep to well lit areas and avoid shortcuts, however quick, through dark and unlit areas.
• Try to travel with at least one other person, especially after dark whether that’s from studying late in the Garrod Building or the Library, or a night out in The Griff Inn.
• When travelling to and from a location, message a friend or a group chat letting them know where you're going.
• Avoid having your phone out or wearing headphones around campus at night so that you're fully aware of what's around you.
• If you feel threatened at any point, or you see someone being assaulted, don't hesitate to call 999 if necessary.
• If an incident has occurred, please report this immediately to Whitechapel security at 0207 882 2599, and email, so that we can ensure future incidents do not occur.
We're taking multiple measures to make your campus as safe as possible, in the meantime we welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how that can occur, either to the BLSA President (, or to